Our technical partners are the best professionals in the industry. Many years of experience, high specialization, the highest quality, racing pedigree and a similar philosophy in operation make cooperation with GYS technical partners translate into customer satisfaction. Whenever.


Sailovnia is not only a rope and pulley shop. You can find everything or almost everything with us, and if there is something else, we can even download it from Australia! The team is hooked on new products, but will skillfully advise you on proven products. They will advise you on what to spend your money on and what to save on when arming your next car. They offer both top brands and economical solutions.
Sail Service – Our sailmaker’s shop was established in 1951 as a department of the Jacht Shipyard. J. Conrad, and since 1987 we sew sails under the name Sail Service. Currently, 67 sailing ships from 23 countries sail under our sails. We use the highest quality fabrics for horizontal, radial and membrane sails.

In addition to the basic production of sails, we specialize in sewing covers for sailing and motor yachts.

Our priority is to provide individual, thoughtful solutions and customer support both at the design stage and at the stage of order fulfillment.

ZRM Stawiany – Tarnamid, Ertalon, Teflon, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium.
Plus a complete machine park for processing …
Plus 30 years of experience in the production of complete production lines for the food industry … This is how one could briefly describe ZRM Stawiany. A company in which all non-standard constructions invented by GYS (GCS – GYS Custom Shop) are made.
From titanium elements for racing boats, through self-loading trailers, to complete equipment for the Olympic container for the Polish Sailing Association.
ZRM Stawiany – technology and quality.
RCconfig – Administration and management of websites and LAN networks.