GCS (GYS Custom Shop) is a new brand of „custom” solutions introduced to the nautical market by Goly Yacht Service.

We pride ourselves on our unconventional approach to the topic of solutions and techniques used in the yachting industry. Our solutions are based on the experience gained in regatta sailing, in which one of the success factors is very often the equipment. Lightness, reliability, unconventionality, usability and conscious use of modern technology and the latest solutions – this is an important factor that gives an advantage over the competition.
Goly Yacht Service brings this experience to the market of tourist and cruise yachts, providing the best, and often much cheaper than traditional, solutions that can be used by shipowners.

We operate and design for specific needs, on individual order, solutions that will work best in a given situation. Thanks to cooperation with ZRM Stawiany (GYS Technical Partner), we are able to offer unique solutions – from concept, through execution, to assembly, to customer satisfaction.

Full availability of materials, from Teflon to titanium, and a rich machine park of ZRM Stawiany, allows us to think „Out Of The Box” unlimitedly. What we are happy to do.