About GYS

Goly Yacht Service is a specialized technical service that provides services in the broadly understood yachting industry.

GYS Purpose:
„To provide the highest quality services tailored to the client’s needs.”
This means an individual approach and solutions tailored to the needs and situation, very often unusual and requiring specialist knowledge in many areas.

The scope of GYS services:
No, you are not wrong. All.
We are specialists in many areas, and thanks to contacts with the best companies in the industry, we are able to offer any type of service.

Work philosophy:
„Think it, plan it, do it.”
Never the other way around. If we use standard solutions, we usually manage to carry out the work very quickly. If these are atypical solutions – it is a long process. Demanding after inventing and planning many tests, before completion. We know the waters on which the yachts we prepare sail, and before we decide to let someone go on a cruise around the world – we must be sure that our „patent” will surely withstand all conditions.

„In principle, we have rules.”
At GYS, we adhere to several principles that guide us when dealing with people. If you find a similar philosophy to yours, Dear Customer, our cooperation will run smoothly and you will be satisfied.
– Customer satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back. We will do everything possible to ensure that the work is done on time and properly, and if not, we do not demand payment. However, we are not responsible for errors of third parties not related to GYS, organized by the client. We NEVER cooperate with companies from the „We do not cooperate” list
– Win-win. Both sides gain. So, for example, discounts are possible, but do not demand 30% off for the first task, because you have to have it done, and you don’t have any money …
– The right tool for the right job.
Which means that we work with proven, original, high-quality materials and spare parts (often expensive – because quality costs …).
– We NEVER agree to alternative solutions proposed by the client, which we know will not work and may even damage or destroy the equipment or pose a threat to life and health.
No, we do not replace pressure O-rings / oil-resistant gaskets from Gardena, we do not laminate epoxy in winter and we do not paint the bottom with antifouling found by the customer 10 years ago in the basement. We don’t do things like that.

We guarantee the high quality of our services, based on the many years of experience of the GYS founder and the skills of the employees trained by him.

We invite you to cooperate with us and thank you for your time.

With a sailing greeting.

Marek ‚Goły’ Gałkiewicz